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Lifestyle diseases account for a majority of modern ailments. Diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental stress etc. are very common and are made worse by our sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.


Whilst Medication and surgery offer alleviation of symptoms, prevention is possible through the practice of Yoga. This has been known to us in India through ages but is today accepted even in the Western world.


Nowadays, mind is recognized as the seat of most of the ailments. The state of mind usually gets manifested in the body in various forms of maladies.

"Manah Prasamanah Upaya Yoga Ityabhidiyate", said the great seer Vasistha. That is, Yoga is a subtle technique to calm down the mind.


The first aphorism from Patanjali Yogsutra (a systematic account of Yogic practices and philosophy) regarding Yogic postures reads "Sthiram Sukham Asana". That is, to attain a stable and a comfortable posture, so that the restlessness in the body is taken care of. Conversely, the mind which usually triggers nervous reactions in the body gets tricked into calmness by the maintenance of a steady bodily posture.


These postures can be tailored to suit different bodies as all bodies are not as flexible due to various reasons such as age, habits, heredity etc. Gradually the final postures are attained.


Pranayama, the rhythmic control of breath - a regulation of the speed of inhalation and exhalation, slows down and un-clutters the mind, thereby breaking a psychosomatic pattern leading to a total relaxation of the mind and body.


Guided meditation helps one touch the state of meditation, a kind of defocusing which puts the entire body and the mind in a state of complete harmony.

These practices are extremely easy to learn and to incorporate in your daily routine.

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