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Acu-Yoga is a mode of therapy which combines Yoga and Acupressure. Yoga and Acupressure together work to give immediate and long term benefits simultaneously. This combination is best suited for those who are looking for self-management of general aches and pain.


In Acupressure, disease is understood as an imbalance in the vital energy "Chi". The pathways through which this energy flows are called meridians, and the points through which this energy can be manipulated, are called Acu-points. Any disease leads to blockage of energy, creating excessive or deficient symptoms in one area or the other. Pressure is applied on the Acu - points to balance the energy and alleviate the symptoms.


Yogasanas (postures) naturally stretch and stimulate certain Acu-points so that the blockage in the 'meridians' gets removed and the energy circulates freely. An awareness of Acu - points while practicing Yoga postures enhances the benefits of Yogasanas. On the other hand, through the knowledge of certain Yogasanas one can stimulate the Acu - points and balance the energy by oneself.


That's how the two therapies complement and enhance each other.


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