I got into this field out of sheer curiosity triggered by personal experiences.


My father (A cardiologist by profession) suffered from severe spinal problems that culminated into a chronic back pain and frequent cases of slipped disc. During one such episode of disc prolapse, a close family friend recommended Reiki Healing. Having been under conventional pain management through physiotherapy and drugs for about 10 years already, my father decided to give this ostensibly vague healing therapy a try. To his surprise, the results were highly appreciable. His recovery was a lot faster than usual.


I was quite surprised myself. I approached the Reiki Guru and got initiated into the process in 1999. Ever since I have had many positive experiences while practicing Reiki on myself and on others. Although experience bears its own testimony, till date I look for science behind metaphysical phenomenon.


Since this experience my father opened up to trying different kinds of alternative therapies. He tried acupressure and experienced great relief in his day to day back pain. Sujok therapy with magnet lessened the frequency of slipped disc episodes and sped the recuperation. I started with taking up introductory short-term courses in Acupressure and Sujok. I applied this basic knowledge to treat common aches and pain of many of my friends and acquaintances. Amazed at the results, I decided to go ahead with specialization in this field.


In India, many of us learn Yoga in school. That's where I started. However my interest in Yoga developed during my college days (2001) mainly for fitness. I had the good fortune of being trained by a disciple of Yoga Guru Dhirendra Brahmachari who made me realize the essential nature of Yoga, as a philosophy, as a way of life. Since then I practiced with another goal, studying about different aspects, schools and methodologies of Yoga.


After getting my certification from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, (SVYASA) in yoga, I started to work at Sant Parmanand Hospital and the Delhi Council for Child Welfare as a Yoga consultant. We saw wonderful results in patients as well as the challenged/delayed children. I also started to conduct workshops on stress management through Yoga and a combination of acupressure and yoga (Acu-Yoga).In the mean-time SVYASA got established as a university for Yogic sciences. I took up Masters Course in Yogic sciences (MSc).


During my MSc course in Yoga at SVYASA I took up research on the much talked about self- healing properties of meditative processes. Fractures as my subject for study, eminent orthopaedic surgeon Dr John Ebnezar and Dr Nagarathna as my guides, I ventured into research. We were amazed at the differences in the quality of healing between the Yoga and the Control groups. The Yoga group not only healed much faster both clinically and radiologically, the need for pain-killers and physiotherapy post fracture was much lesser in this group compared to the Control group. Since then, I started to add various meditative techniques to my treatment.


I now practice all these therapies in combination depending on the needs of the patient or a group.